Who We Are & What We Do

NorCal riggers, skydivers, and BASE jumpers have come together to ensure our front-line healthcare workers have the masks they need while they strive to keep the rest of us safe. We do this by crafting and selling badass custom masks and donating one for every mask purchased.

With the shelter-in-place mandates that have swept this nation and the world, the skydiving industry, along with many others, has essentially closed overnight, leaving many capable and willing individuals unemployed and unsure of their immediate futures. We’re giving them a purpose and putting them to work for the greater good!

Minds and Machines

BirdMonkey Rigging, Parachutes Plus, Cali Sky Rigging, Action Air Parachutes, FlyLyfe Styles, Skydive California, Crow Customs, Fallrush Rigging, Tough Ass Shorts, and others have paired minds and machines to ensure this endeavor has the biggest possible positive impact on our community. We’re putting displaced jumpers to work, and they’re helping you finally listen to your mother and cover your mouth!


First, the immediate and swift production of personal protection equipment (PPE) masks for medical, municipal, and other professionals in dire need.
Second, the employment of as many out-of-work skydivers as we can create positions for, ensuring some economic certainty during uncertain times.
Third, to provide custom PPE masks to as many individuals around the globe as we possibly can. Our masks are as unique as the skydivers who make them.

Our mask patterns are freely shared and the instructions are available to anyone who wants them. If we can help you crowd-source this for your community, we will. Just let us know how we can help at info@LoftsOfLove.com. Together, skydivers can make a difference.