Lofts of Love is a cooperative effort that has brought together an ever-growing list of riggers, designers, makers, crafts-people, and skydivers. They all do fantastic things and have found the time and resources to keep you looking fly and to keep healthcare workers and those in need safe. Check them out, SUPPORT THEM, thank them!

BirdMonkey Rigging has been providing rigging services in Northern California for 10-years. Their rigging services cover everything from reserve repacks to relines. They manufacture custom skydiving gear and apparel. If you’re in the sky, they’ve got rule #1 covered!

Pete Swan is a WIZARD. He runs Parachutes Plus, a full service rigging loft on the Davis airport in Davis, CA. If you want him to work his magic on any part of your rig, you can reach him at or at 209-366-3712. Pete has been rigging basically forever, he’s done work for the U.S. military, super cool blockbuster movies, and the rest of us peasants. He’s currently helping Lofts of Love by making masks to be donated to healthcare workers and teaching us how to sew like pros.

Crow Customs is your one-stop, eco-friendly print shop. Located in Palmdale, California, they’ve been “Creating Real Original Wear” since 2005. When they say, “You think it, we print it,” they mean it! Boundless imagination is how they create apparel, banners, business cards… pretty much everything. Check out Crow Customs’ “Stay Strong! Stop Coronavirus!” shirts. All proceeds go to local hospitals!

Skydive California is located in Tracy, CA. Near the Bay Area and San Francisco in Northern California, Skydive California is home to some of the top talent in the skydiving world and is a member of the United States Parachute Association.

Action Air Parachutes, located at SkyDance Skydiving in Davis, CA, is a full service skydiving gear shop, dealership, and parachute rigging loft. They service all sport and pilot emergency parachutes.

Myles Bean is a river guide who makes tough ass shorts for people who relentlessly seek outdoor fun. At Tough Ass, they make the best shorts for the Earth – they’re made to last, not for the landfill. Tough Ass focuses on strength, fun style, natural materials, reliability, and comfort. Shorts made for having as much fun as possible with clothes on!

FlyLyfe is a lifestyle brand focused on the creation of trend-setting apparel and accessories for those who push their own limits: the outliers, the distinctive, those living the “Fly Lyfe.” If it’s in the FlyLyfe product line, something sets it apart. Care is evident in the quality of everything right down to the last stitch because FlyLyfe takes pride in the work and in the product. What can’t be faked, what can’t be counterfeited, is genuine quality with no corners cut.

Mattie Guthrie has been doing carpentry in one form or another for the past 25 years. Mountain Fog Creations is his one-man artisan woodworking studio based in Santa Cruz, CA. Mountain Fog can build you just about anything: dining tables, benches, shelves, live edge resin tables, birdhouses, and so much more. Mountain Fog takes great pride in doing things the right way: responsibly and sustainably. From eco-friendly finishes to conscientious lumber-sourcing, they work to ensure a healthy future for our Earth.

Fallrush, located in Los Altos in California’s Bay Area, is operated by Pete Maverick. The loft serves Northern California and 7 dropzones around the San Francisco Bay Area. The full service loft covers the spectrum of skydiving gear and canopy maintenance and repair, including reserve repacks (of course). Fallrush also has the line on Cypres service, installation, and rental.